Brush Set Combo

  • Brush Set Combo

Combo brush set including both the “Koi and Floral Brush Set” and my “Ultimate Dragon Brush Set”. With collectively over 50 hand drawn original stamp brushes for use in procreate. This combo pack includes Koi fish, gold fish, dragon heads, limbs, tails and body brushes, lotus flowers, cherry blossom flowers, peony flowers, maples leaves and waves. This makes for an amazing set that can be used together to create incredible artworks and designs.

The tools in this set are not only perfect for mocking up tattoo designs, creating colouring pages and for use as an artist reference of designs. But they will also teach you how to put together Japanese designs with background elements and subject matter.

I took the time to carefully design and draw each and every stamp and brush in these sets to my standard of drawing, each stamp is specifically designed to work together to be able to create flawless Japanese style designs.

BONUS!: To say thank you, this brush set includes a digital download of the cover art for both brush sets as a digital print. (Not to be reproduced or redistributed)

Please note: This is a digital product that will be emailed to your email address within 24 hours of your purchase. Once you receive this product and download it, you can tap on it on your iPad and it will install into procreate brush library under the UDBS tab. (Brushes in this product are designed for personal and professional use only, this product is not to be reproduced or redistributed without permission). Due to the nature of this product, a refund or exchange will not be accepted, however if you are having any trouble with downloading or installing it please feel free to contact me.